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"Deep is this dependent origination, and deep its appearance."

"Whoever sees dependent origination sees the Dharma;
whoever sees the Dharma sees dependent origination."

- Buddha [MN:28, DN:15]


Shaping the World is a freely offered drop-in group, led by Nathan Glyde and Zohar Lavie, meeting on the third Sunday of the month at 17.00 UK time.

We’ll explore samādhi, emptiness, brahmavihārās, and engagement teachings and practices for a whole life path of awakening. Those familiar with Rob Burbea's teachings will notice his influence and inspiration in both these themes and how we conceive of the dharma.

Dependent origination teachings and practices are any that shape perception: radically changing how the world appears within our heart-minds. They bring profound freedom here and now, yet they also empower us to live in ways that bring deep teachings to life.

We hope the sessions will dependently originate as freely as the beautiful teachings they explore. All are welcome to bring whatever they wish to share, and we will respond as a group to the needs, desires, and wishes with appropriate theory, periods of practice, and different forms according to what arises in the shared space.

If this appeals to you feel free to drop-in to one of the monthly sessions. Get the link to the next meeting by filling the form below.

A bit more about these teachings

We can shape how the world appears because all phenomena are empty (śūnya) and fabricated (saṅkhāra). There is no fixed way things are. This opens us to incredible possibilities in practice and life.

Whether gathering in harmony or dissolving into peacefulness (samādhi and jhāna) we can play with how the perception of self, other, and world appears and fades in our flexible, fluid and creative heart-mind (cita).

Furthermore we can ease the heart into illimitable relational qualities (brahmavihārās) of kindness (mettā), joy (muditā), care (karuṇā), and the peace of a steady heart (upekka). When the heart is free to expand around the world, the world that appears in the heart changes.

Thus in these sessions we can open our exploration into the freedom of beautiful perceptions of the world. Further yet, for those who wish to resolve the meeting of our deep and nourishing practice with all of our lives, there is more. There is something profoundly transformative to bring the skills of this artful dharma into engagement with the fullness of our lives and the issues of our times.

If you’re interested in all of this, or any subset, please drop in. All are welcome.

A bit about the facilitators

Nathan Glyde and Zohar Lavie have been teaching the Dharma since 2006. In the last five years they have been sharing teachings and practices of dependent origination and emptiness deeply inspired by Rob Burbea. In 2004 they first met Rob who became a dear friend and inspiration. That same year was co-founded with him to offer transformative meditation in action retreats of incredible subtlety, power, and depth.

To read more about any of the teachers and organisations mentioned above click on their names.

Next Steps

All who are interested in these themes of inner or outer transformation are welcome to attend. If you’d like to have the invitation and link sent to you just add your email address in the form below.


The monthly sessions will (normally) happen on the third Sunday of the month, beginning at 5pm UK time, and run for around 90 mins.

The next session will be on 16th January, 2021.
For your information here is the current time in the UK - see what 17.00 UK time is where you are.

If you would prefer for the meetings to happen at another time or date, please let us know via the form below and we will consider changing it.


In the tradition of Dharma teachings participants are invited to support the sessions with dāna: freely given donations. Traditionally those who share teachings are dependent on the generosity of those who receive them: a conscious exchange rooted in inclusivity and openness that allows these priceless teachings to be available to all. With dana we cultivate a spirit of caring rooted in interconnectedness, and a liberating opening into the fullness of life. Generosity is a practice that nourishes the heart and resonates with and supports the deepening of our practice.

Support the teachings

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