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Everything Leans

"Deep is this dependent origination, and deep its appearance."

"Whoever sees dependent origination sees the Dharma;
whoever sees the Dharma sees dependent origination."

- Buddha [MN:28, DN:15]



August 26 - 30

Pathways to Happiness: Cultivating Wellbeing and Contentment

The Buddha suggested that we have underestimated the capacity of our heart. Retreat helps us to remember.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
Devon, UK

August 31 - September 1

Meditation Days in Brussels

Two one day meditation retreat days which can be combined to make a weekend retreat.

With Nathan Glyde
Brussels, Belgium

September 2 - 9

The Four Immeasurables

Exploring and cultivating four natural wonders of the heart: friendliness, compassion, appreciative joy, and equanimity.

With Nathan Glyde, Zohar Lavie, & Jenny Wilks
Devon, UK

September 15

Meditation Day

Dharma teachings and practices for an awakened life.

With Zohar Lavie
Frome, UK

October 6 - 12

Metta and Emptiness

Emptiness is full of heart space.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie

October 16 - 27

Being Peace Work Retreat

Being Peaceful in the Middle East conflict. Bringing the skills of deep listening and wise action to support Palestinians and Israelis dedicated to non-violence transform their lives.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
Israel and Palestine

November 1 - 2

Being Peace Weekend

Being Peaceful in the midst of the Israel-Palestine conflict, supporting Palestinians and Israelis dedicated to peace.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
Israel and Palestine

November 27 - 30

Insight Meditation Retreat

Practicing and cultivating wisdom.

With Zohar Lavie & Keren Arbel

December 8 - 13

To Be in the World, To Be Touched by Life

The Buddha’s teachings on non-attachment are not a means of escaping this life but an invitation to engage with it with care, creativity and a spirit of inquiry.

With Kirsten Kratz & Jaya Karen Rudgard. Nathan Glyde will be assisting.
Devon, UK

December 15

Meditation Day

Practice day in London.

With Zohar Lavie
London, UK


May 2

Earth Care Day

A day of working and practicing together, expressing our care and connectedness to all life

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
London, UK

May 25 - 28

Living with Illness and Loss

Illness and loss are a time to slow down and look deeply into our experience. This retreat provides an opportunity to open to our shared inevitable reality with wisdom and love.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
Devon, UK

June 7 - 14

Silent Meditation Retreat

One week silent meditation retreat.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie

June 19 - 26

Finnish Trekking Retreat

A backpacking meditation retreat in Finnish Lapland over the summer solstice.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
Lapland, Finland

July 21 - 31

Dharma Yatra

Walking in simplicity and nature through the French Mountains supported by silence and mediation through the days.

With Christopher Titmuss, Denis Robberechts, Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie

August 18 - 21

Family Retreat

We wish to welcome a diverse group of families, and we appreciate that this is also a special opportunity for carers in single parent families to have time for Dharma practice and meditation.

With Zohar Lavie & Gavin Milne
Devon, UK

December 11 - 17

Metta and Insight

Seeing deeply into our hearts.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
Devon, UK


January 5, 2021 - February 2, 2021

Anandwan Leprosy Community 

Silent & Work Retreats

Living and working in a vibrant able-disabled community while exploring our own hearts and what connects us to each other.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie