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"Deep is this dependent origination, and deep its appearance."

"Whoever sees dependent origination sees the Dharma;
whoever sees the Dharma sees dependent origination."

- Buddha [MN:28, DN:15]


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Shaping The World

Meeting on the third Sunday of the month to explore how we can shape perception through insight, samadhi, and metta, and bring that into all of our lives.
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Drop-In Group on Emptiness

Meeting on the first Thursday of the month, members of Rob Burbea's teacher training group will be offering an online meeting exploring Emptiness, Dependent Origination, and any Samadhi and Insight practices based on Rob Burbea's teachings.
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Sangha Live

Drop in sessions of morning meditations and Dharma inquiry running every weekday.
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Nathan will be leading Sangha Live mornings in Feb 20-24
Zohar will be leading Sangha Live mornings the week of Jan 2-6

Gaia House's Online Dharma Hall

Nathan & Zohar are among those who offer drop in sessions of meditation and Dharma reflections. The Dharma hall is open most days.
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January 7 - 14

Rest and Renewal

A time to explore the Buddha's teaching of the pāramīs––a collection of beautiful awakening qualities. The pāramīs, which were offered for rejuvenating nourishment and insight, will be great companions for the coming year.

With Nathan Glyde & Jaya Rudgard

January 16 - 22

EarthCare: Tree Planting Retreat

The aim of this retreat is to gather in community around Moor Trees' mission to restore native woodland. Then while we work the land, we will deepening our connection to ourselves and to nature. We will stay near Dartmoor in the beauty of Eden Rise, where we will have space and time for meditation and community.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
Devon, UK

January 27 - February 2

Mettā and Insight

Metta; goodwill, unconditional friendliness, is a path to insight into non-separation, and an embodiment of it. These two aspects of the path mutually open each other.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
Devon, UK and online

February 2 - 23

Fulfilling Intentions

A wholesome life is born of mediation in all postures and practices.

With Nathan Glyde
Online Course

February 4

Bringing the Practice to Life

Cultivating skills and ways of relating that can be applied beyond formal meditation.

With Zohar Lavie

February 17 - 22


Goodwill, for a kind and welcoming release.

With Zohar Lavie & Jaya Rudgard

March 7 - 11


Expanding the heart with awakenings for the spirit.

With Zohar Lavie & Jake Dartington

March 18 - September 3

In Service of a Boundless Heart

A six-month programme for those who offer service and wish to bring their practice into their service.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
Online Programme

April 5 - 14

Liberating Ways of Relating

Exploring and expanding how we meet life. Finding release in the heart of life.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie

April 21 - 22

Being Peace Weekend

Being Peaceful in the midst of the Israel-Palestine conflict, supporting Palestinians and Israelis dedicated to peace.

With Nathan Glyde, Shahar Matan, & Zohar Lavie
Israel and Palestine

May 5 - 12

Insight Retreat

The freedom of a wise heart.

With Zohar Lavie & Keren Arbel

May 10 - 14

Humanity in Action: Supporting a Safe Haven with Help Refugees

Embodying our compassionate response to the refugee crisis.

With Nathan Glyde
Calais, France

May 18 - June 8

Gathering in Well-being

Happiness is possible.

With Zohar Lavie
Online Course

May 20

A Day of Practice in the Insight Tradition

The day will include periods of sitting and walking meditation, meditation instructions, dharma teachings and some time for questions.

With Zohar Lavie
Bristol, UK

May 20

Freedom of the Heart Unbound

Let’s dedicate this day of practice to the art of letting go, letting be, and letting in: opening our hearts and minds to what is here and now, and releasing onwards into something thoroughly unbound.

With Nathan Glyde
in Oxford, UK

May 21

Earth Care Day

A day of working and practising together, expressing our care and connectedness to all life

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
London, UK

June 3 - 7

Living with Illness and Loss

Illness and loss are a time to slow down and look deeply into our experience. This retreat provides an opportunity to open to our shared inevitable reality with wisdom and love.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
Devon, UK

July 8 - 15

Awakening Possibilities

When there is stress (dukkha) both we and the world we live in contract and become limited. The Dharma path provides the rich possibility to be freed from this entanglement.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
Devon, UK

August 2 - 10

Expanding the Heart

Exploring the delight of coming to life by unbinding habitual constrictions, and inclining towards joyful and fulfilling release. To gather in well-being, quieten self-obsession, and cultivate generosity of spirit is freedom.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
Devon, UK and online

August 17 - 25

Dharma Yatra

Walking in simplicity and nature through the French Mountains supported by silence and mediation through the days.

With Denis Robberechts, Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie

September 14 - 20

Metta and Emptiness

Emptiness is full of heart space.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie

October 11 - 23

Being Peace

Being Peaceful in the Middle East conflict. Bringing the skills of deep listening and wise action to support Palestinians and Israelis dedicated to non-violence transform their lives.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
Israel and Palestine